Host an experience. . Built in 1799, the cottage is named for its eternal guest, Laura, whose flowers still adorn the grounds. repeated episodes of odd, unexplained mischief have been reported (though nothing scary or malevolent so far). If you dont mind the occasional knock or bump in the night or daytime, then this is your place.. The large bedroom is on the third floor and has views of New Orleans and a stately oak tree, a sitting area, and a private balcony. Youll look at the Hobo Hill House and wonder how it could possibly have ended up on this list. The home was built in 1855, for Louise Vitry, an African-American woman, and her French consort, Archille Courcelle. She loves writing about her travels, health, wellness, home decor, food and drink, fashion, beauty and scientific news. This themed Airbnb rental comes modeled off "The Haunted Mansion," and now it's up for grabs. Posted in Washington Attractions, Creepy, Haunted, Vacation Rentals September 05, 2020 by Jessica Wick Washington is home to some extraordinary vacation rentals, including some that are quite unique. Kiernan. But there is no doubt that a stay at The Mayflower Hotel is well worth it. Once a mining boomtown, just about everyone but the ghosts have long since moved on from Terlingua. What guests say: The Black Monarch is probably the most unique place Ive ever stayedin fact, our bed was a ouija board! The 17 Best Tiny Houses for Rent on Airbnb and VRBO in the U.S. 35 Cabin Rentals in the US for The Ultimate Relaxing Vacation, Why You Need Adventure Travel Insurance and Our Top Recommendation, 38 Coolest VRBO & Airbnb Treehouse Rentals in the U.S, 27 Beach House Rentals in the US You Have to Try this Vacation, Packing Cubes: Why you Should Try them on Your Next Trip, Pumpkin Wine: The Perfect Drink For Your Halloween Party. Recommended Reading: Why You Need Adventure Travel Insurance and Our Top Recommendation. There are four fantastic restaurants to choose from, each with something special to offer. Ready to get out of town? "No ghostly presence, but it feels like it could be haunted just from the atmosphere. Sep. 29, 2021. As inexpensive, wacky, out of the way, rental properties become more of a desire for vacationers, Airbnb has had to really dig deep to find livable places to rent out to travelers. Recommended Reading: The 17 Best Tiny Houses for Rent on Airbnb and VRBO in the U.S. One of the oldest hotels in Savannah, The Marshall House is also one of the most haunted. 35 Haunted Inns, Hotels, and Airbnbs You Can Book for a Spooky Halloween Who said you need a Ouija board to drop a line to the dearly departed? The 18th-century home has been featured in films and on TV, thanks to Lauras ghost frequently saying hello to many visitors who spend the night. The building and this particular room are fun, funky, quite comfortable, well-appointed, and completely interesting spaces that make you smile and engage all your senses, making for a completely enjoyable stay.. Its been reported that he appears over peoples shoulders when there is a drop in temperature. Plus, aren't attics always a little creepy? Many of the staff have reported seeing unexplainable things happen throughout the property which has made this property popular with ghost hunters. If you've ever dreamed of staying the night in a haunted hotel room or Airbnb, there are a few bone-chilling rentals with eerie stories that allow guests to visit overnight. Built in 1883, The Manor is a mysterious castle in St. Paul brimming with creepy vibes. Lauras Cottage (Laura was an African American woman who lived in the home for 50 years) is a popular tour stop. Whether you see her or not during your stay, the hotel is still well worth a visit. Savannah has no shortage of paranormal activity, offering many ghost tours and walks to educate visitors on the history of the city. Try one of these 51 tiny Airbnb houses that actually float! Its impossible not to feel the history of the area while staying there. The old brick home is dripping with vintage charm and has even been featured in films, though its spirits haven't yet been captured on camera. Probably best to admire the flowers, but not pick them, then. Another resident of the space is the ghost of a young girl with dark hair who is occasionally seen wearing a long yellow dress and walking with a limpmuch like the youngest daughter of the first family to ever occupy the house in the late 1880s, who died at a young age and was buried on the grounds. "MAGICAL! While there are plenty of people out there who believe in ghosts, I am not one of . The thought of spending a night in a haunted room or mysterious house may be slightly unsettling, to say the least, but for the thrill-seeker, this is exactly what you have been looking for. Do you enjoy shivers running up your spine, your hair standing on end, and your blood running cold?If so, these haunted Airbnbs are just for you. Perhaps youll run into her ghost during your stay! Easily one of the best Airbnb rentals in Oregon, this luxury cabin is ideal for an escape to nature. When it comes to choosing where to stay in California . the Yuma Crossing served as a gateway to California for people seeking gold-rush fortunes out West . After six generations in the same family. This spooky home shares some unfortunate history with a neighbor it was built in 1890 by the same mason that constructed the nearby Lemp Mansion, home to a family that was doomed to die unexpectedly young, one after the other. 5. For just $99,900 a lucky person can own a haunted home in Mineral Wells, west of Fort Worth. One room is referred to as the Haunted Bedroom, where the ghost of a girl plays in a yellow dress that wakes you from your slumber. From fresh flowers to movies and literature relating to Savannahs great history, youll be glad you didnt stay in a modern hotel. Despite its age, the cabin is updated with modern technology to make your stay more comfortable. Although the home is haunted, it is also meant to be relaxing with opportunities to connect with both your travel buddies and spirits (practice decks of psychic reading cards are provided). But if you're a true Haunted Mansion fan and want to take your dedication to the next level, there's one spot in Florida you CANNOT miss. Image courtesy of Airbnb Luxury Cabin on the Santiam River. Sleep tight! Airbnb your home Sign up Log in Airbnb your home Host an experience Help Posted 5:16 p.m. Sep . We recommend our users to update the browser. Stickney died shortly after and his widow remarried a European prince. Paranormal activity is centered on the second floors Haunted Bedroom, which has its own private entrance to the third-floor attic (a.k.a. One of the oldest hotels in Arizona, you can enjoy an onsite pool, air-conditioning and unexplained mischief here. You can enjoy individually decorated rooms that include a beautiful bathroom and wifi access. In 1975, Sarah Jane Moore, an FBI agent, shot President Gerald Ford. What guests say: A converted schoolhouse that is nestled in a historic cemeteryand its every bit the interesting and unique experience that you could imagine. Airbnb your home. This is not a hotel such as the Stanley Hotel, where they have ghost tours and fake history. Each of these weird Air BNB houses have something thats a little bit off about them, and if youre thinking of renting any of them you should plan on bringing a nightlight and letting your close friends know where you are, just in case. The bedroom itself is decked out in period decor to really put you in the 19th-century frame of mind if thats your style. Some bizarre events have happened here, but nothing horror-like. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior, and you can expect to be more than comfortable at this amazing historical place. Guest Kelly said she didn't see any paranormal activity, but "I did get an eerie feeling a few times while in the apartment.". Seggiano is such a great little village, and to stay in one of its medieval towers was like taking a trip back in time." The current owners have created a rather unsettling look by allowing the finishes and furnishing to naturally decay over time. Featured on the television show, "The Dead Files," the Hobo Hill House has experienced tons of paranormal activity. Recommended Reading: 27 Beach House Rentals in the US You Have to Try this Vacation. Besides the paranormal, you can also enjoy two swimming pools and epic hiking and biking nearby. Allegedly, the Parks-Bowman Mansion is one of the most haunted places in New Orleans, which is already super haunted, so if you stay here there's a good chance that you're going to have to deal with some spooky sounds. . This property might leave you seriously spookedand not just because of the vampire Audrey Hepburn painting on the wallbut youll more likely enjoy chats with the host David (whose great-grandfather built the house), cuddles with his dog Buttercup, and easy walks to nearby parks and street fairs. If youre on the hunt for a haunted Airbnb, New Orleans, known for its witchcraft, does not disappoint, and the Parker-Bowman Mansion is among the spookiest. So grab your horror-loving friends and book a weekend in a deserted ghost town, a haunted mansion or . Well, you and the ghost of at least one spirit: a teenage girl who seems to be stuck on the third floor but takes it in good stride and has a bit of fun with the situation, moving objects and even tucking people into bed and tickling their feet. The town of Victor was once the second-largest gold mining district in the United States, but like so many others, the population dwindled from 18,000 to 397. One look at the house and you'd think it was perfectly fine it's been beautifully redone and lacks the ramshackle vibe of most haunted places. "An ideal central location, full of character with lovely views of the harbor." According to the host, this family home has a spooky charm. Established in 1850 by Dr. Walter Dixon and his wife, Martha, the building spent over a century doubling not only as a home, but also as a doctor's office, hospital, morgue, and funeral home; there's also a cemetery and a mass grave nearby, making it a literally death-adjacent . Pico House, 424 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Built in 1890, this haunted suite was once a maids quarters. ", "We did experience some early morning footsteps and jingling noises on our floor. But dont worry, according to reports, its a friendly ghost. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Supposedly the ghost of a young girl from the late-19th century lives in the bedroom. First responders at the scene of a shooting during a Halloween party at a house in Orinda, Calif., Oct. 31, 2019. Copyright 2022 Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel | All Rights Reserved. But the stone manor's spectral residents didn't much appreciate the changes, and a string of bad luck followed its living ones including the death of a child as well as the family's patriarch. After a fire destroyed the original 1857 property, went through an extensive restoration. Maria. The homeowner, Robert T. Moore, died in his bedroom and no one knows where he is buried. Built in 1929, this estate boasts right in the listing that it's haunted, so you know it's legit. We did not experience anything paranormal but it was cool anyway." Pico House, Downtown LA. Supposedly the ghost of a young girl from the late-19th century lives in the bedroom. Host an experience. 10. There are onsite massages available, as well as a delicious complimentary breakfast each morning. Molly. Furnished with oddities and curiosities, The Manor may be haunted or it might not be, depending on your perception but it's a popular spot for rituals, murder mystery dinners, and paranormal investigations like one undertaken in 1969 by a trio of journalists at the Pioneer Press. This Airbnb modeled after Disney's Haunted Mansion ride Photo Courtesy of Airbnb While we can't confirm (or deny) that ghosts prowl the premises of this Haunted Mansion-themed Airbnb in. You might not rest in peace in these haunted homes, but you're bound to have a memorable night preparing for paranormal activity, seeking the supernatural, and greeting ghosts. This tower in Tuscany was built during the Crusades, a time of serious strife across Europe. He and others have heard footsteps from the third floor, have been startled by bumps in the night and many guests have spotted a ghost that looks like a teenage girl with long hair. These rental haunted houses feature charming creaking floorboards, whimsical wainscoting, and vintage vibes along with chills, thrills, and frights from spirited ghost hosts that are straight out. We uncover the best of the city and put it all in an email for you. This adorable cottage in Bisbee, Arizona has all the charm you'd want out of an affordable Airbnb retreatand some mysterious ghostly activity to boot. This perfect place is beautiful inside and out. Very quiet and peaceful place to just relax and do nothing read a book, or take a nap. Before you rent on Airbnb, here are 14 things you should know. However, beauty isn't why it made this list of most haunted houses. We Stayed at the MOST HAUNTED Airbnb in California - YouTube 0:00 / 27:16 We Stayed at the MOST HAUNTED Airbnb in California Jake Webber 1.61M subscribers Subscribe 22K 503K views 7. Sign up to unlock our digital magazines and also receive the latest news, events, offers and partner promotions. There are three rooms you can call your own for the night in the 130-year-old Parks-Bowman Mansion in NOLAs Garden Districtbut if you would like to meet a new friend, this is the one you want. This home has been in the same family since the 1940s when Preacher Stroud built it and possibly never left. Recommended Reading: The 17 Coolest Airbnbs in the US for a Unique Stay. According to the host, Stephani: I will be your only living host, but there are many others who reside with me. Find a haunted house near you locate haunted houses by the city, state and zip code using the biggest online directory. ", If you are interested in breaking out the Ouija Board, guest Shannon noted that the house is "perfect for a Halloween stay. This one-of-a-kind ride will be just another great reason to return to our favorite theme park right here in Maine. When you stay here you can enjoy luxurious rooms, scrumptious meals on the grounds, and a few chilling ghost stories. by LaRece Jameson. The home is located right off the historic road of Stonegate, which was built in the period of Roman rule in Britain. Its no secret that the Shamrock House may be haunted, according to the hosts. Legend has it that a jilted bride walks the halls waiting for her groom to return. But hey! 7 / 14. stockfour/Shutterstock. If you are looking for a thrilling scare, you can find it in these top haunted houses in California. Take a look at haunted Airbnb rentals that won't promise sweet dreams. Shes allegedly quite shy, so you may not see her; but pay attention, and you might hear footsteps, doors opening and closing, or a soft lullaby, or just have the comforting sensation of someone sitting next to you on the bed. Guests who have stayed in this private suite in Wake Forest have reported floating orbs, hearing a music box turn on by itself, and even feeling pinches from unseen forces. Although the 130-year-old Parks-Bowman Mansion in NOLA's Garden District offers multiple rooms, theres only one room thats supposedly haunted by a shy female ghost thought to be the youngest daughter of the house's original owners who was buried on the grounds in the 1890s after her untimely death. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the Hotel Monteleone offers you true NOLA charm with a paranormal twist. But she's a sweet spirit; she even loves flowers. Sean was a thoughtful and friendly host who was very knowledgeable about the homes unique history and quirks. One-up the average haunted Airbnb by staying in a Texas ghost town. Dj vu! Besides being absolutely fabulous, this hotel is also said to be haunted. There are said to be several terrifying spirits lurking here in between the headstones. Its about a first-hand paranormal experience with one of the sixteen ghosts of previous residents that are rumoured to call the hotel home. It was a Union hospital during the civil war. "This is not only a place to stay; it's an entire experience!" Let's get this out of the way the Hocus Pocus house, which is actually the Ropes Mansion, is not on Airbnb. Kindall. Joseph. Great host and experience!. From bedrooms each themed to different Haunted Mansion characters, a . New Orleans has its fair share of haunted attractions, but nothing sounds scarier than the idea of sharing a bedroom with a young ghost in a yellow dress. Formerly the St. Paul Art Gallery, this Victorian home is palatial perfect for spirits and paranormal activity. This home is so charming, beautifully decorated, spacious, and just such a gem! Equally creepy are some of the taxidermy and art the current owners have added. A gorgeous mansion with a ballroom and a pool? The Stroud House. Pgiam/Getty Images. These 13 Airbnb horror stories will make you think twice. Yes, this place is haunted, but the spirits are peaceful. What guests say: I cant imagine staying in the Gettysburg area and NOT staying at Stephanis place. The hotel houses a state-of-the-art gym with antique furniture and a beautiful pool where you can hang out when you arent enjoying the luxurious comforts of your room. Stephani was gracious enough to spend time telling us about the property and the 'out-of-body residents' that visit the farm. Or just enjoy the historical luxury you can expect in your beautifully furnished room. Or maybe its on those tours because Laura, the ghost who haunts the cottage, beckons people so they can see the gorgeous flowers that she still grows. Of course, these rentals are only for the boldest and most daring of travelers. A stay in one of these haunted places is a thrill-seekers dream come true. Built in 1883, The Manor is a mysterious castle in St. Paul brimming with creepy vibes. There you'll be able to sip a cocktail in the front, chairs with Laura, a ghost that haunts this small refuge built. 1. If you're lucky enough to see a spirit, there's nothing to fear: the hosts swear their ghosts are harmless (as if thats much comfort). The cozy rooms have views of either the river or the city's . But underneath it, quite literally, lies a spooky story waiting for you to discover. Themed apartments are available, and guests receive ghost-hunting equipment to seek out the property's spiritual residents. We didnt get any visits from ghosts but dont rule it out. And while one might think theyd get a good nights sleep in a town with so few people, dont count on it. May have had a ghost experience where I was tapped on the back a couple of times, but that just added to the fun! (Shiver. If you buy or book from the links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission which in turn supports our work. There's a lot of history in New Orleans, and like most places, it's not all rainbows and . Spine-Tingling Horrors Await At These Spooktacular Holiday-Themed Haunts! Customer reviews mention all sorts of mysterious experiences, from kitchen cabinets opening on their own to actual bumps in the night. Ricky. But we have yet to see anything that compares to the Rainier Schoolhouse, an old elementary school in a tiny fishing village that has been . From homes suspected of playing host to ghosts, to creepy 18th-century mansions, there are some seriously scary spots to rent this Halloween. Airbnb. It might surprise you to learn that the Beringer estate is well-known to be one of the most haunted wineries in California. Try one of these 51 tiny Airbnb houses that actually float! Moved or missing objects and inexplicable footfalls on the stairs are relatively commonplace. A 164-year-old New Orleans home that was recently featured in FX's . Although there's no mention of an unearthly presence in the Airbnb listing for Laura's Cottage, it's widely known that this historic residence in downtown Savannah, Georgia is haunted. Spiritual communication prompts and Psychic Aptitude Cards are both available to guests, as is a first-floor display room that the host describes as part museum, part paranormal research training ground. About nine ghosts allegedly come with the home. If youre ever in the St. Louis area, I cannot recommend this place enough. What guests say: The place is spectacular, steeped in history, and impeccably clean. Luckily, the JPaul is. Some ghosts will leave you with the chills. Steps away from the site of the Alamo, The Emily Morgan was once a medical facility that was later turned into a luxurious hotel.
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