The process is listed here: In the Western Australia State on the 1st January 2004, because of the concealed United Nations Order both Crown and Monarchy were removed from law without either a State referendum or a Commonwealth referendum the overt act that did this was. This occurred when a mans condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. The usual fee is $100 but this depends on the Notary. : date, place, parents).Adapted from Legal Aid Queensland's Dictionary. Celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- and gender-diverse, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) Victorians. The vision is to create communities for the people by the people. Read our information for young people on getting a birth certificate. $42 - Priority Service (not payable when applying in person) The following payment methods are accepted: Legal and commemorative certificates will arrive separately. What is the Bradbury Pound? In my book, Australia needs to seperate entirely from the corporation of the Commonwealth, reclaim all assets (like crown land) as ours and set up an agreement where the government of Australia becomes its own corporation with every citizen a share holding, voting and dividend recieving individual. Our processing timeframes apply to correctly filled out applications that have been submitted with all the required proof of ID and supporting documents (as required). Get the picture? But to declare who you are effectively begins the process of moving away from the corporatized system that has taken control of so many facets of your life, that is now infringing on your inalienable rights. You must register the birth of your child before you can get a birth certificate. It belongs to them. Important: Do not laminate your certificates. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt. ~ John Philpot Curran (17501817), (Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom). It is an exciting time! If you were born overseas, you need to provide your full, original foreign birth certificate, legalised if necessary, unless: you have a full, original . Your birth certificate is an important personal document. Purchasing a birth certificate on a smart device may be convenient. Common Law Court Passport Motor Insurance Cruinn Coin Sale The price for the Cruinn will be set against the gold standard and backed by gold, precious metals and tangible assets (1000 Cruinn buys one ounce of gold). We do not offer priority service forcertificates when you areregistering a new birth. This was sometimes related to legal restrictions such as the Queensland Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of Sale of Opium Acts 1901, which . We aim to get it to you as quickly as possible. You must take the form in person to a Notary Public to have it signed and sealed. We are proud to acknowledge the many contributions Kevinhas made to our work to educate, facilitate and activatecommon law in Australia and New Zealand. Get a birth certificate Register a birth Naming your child Donor-conceived births Stillbirth and pregnancy loss Adoptions Marriages and relationships Marriages and relationships Getting married in Victoria Victorian Marriage Registry Overseas marriages Get a marriage certificate Register a domestic relationship Revoke a relationship However, common law courts have power to provide significant protection of human rights principles including the rule of law, except where legislation specifically overrides this power. By phone: local call* 13 QGOV (13 74 68), International +61733284811 (+10 hours UTC), (Phone lines are open MondayFriday, 8.30am4.30pm). The certificates feature endearing cartoons of baby animals, connecting the designs with the birth theme. Your birth certificate is a stock on the stock exchange in America. Your birth certificate is an important document that you can use as part of your proof of identity. I suggest visiting No. All Rights Reserved 2023 Common Law Australia. You grow up and begin to act in commerce for yourself. This video explains how the Legal system works. We do not accept personal cheques or cheques issued from outside Australia (in any currency). We instructed the Commonwealth to gather ALL the interests in the BC name, that WE generated, attach those interests to the RLB name and then we gifted the RLB to the Commonwealth. Our commemorative birth certificates have been designed by local artists to celebrate your child's birth in a unique and lasting way. The fundamental flaw is that in order for a Birth Certificate to be issued, a man or woman must first have been born on the land. At the time it was taken for granted that the child would use the fathers surname. This style is also available in pink. If you leave one with a business, arrange to go back with the Business Owner NEED TO KNOW or MYTH VERSUS FACT info packs. It will apply to every common law country that has a system of birth registration. Your passport. But he has all documentation, and has a fascinating chart that proves who is a legitimate Royal, and who is not. That does not sound like ownership to me. Common Law Marriage Divorce | Brisbane Common Law Marriage In detail If the existence of a de facto relationship is in issue, the court will have regard to the following factors: The duration of the relationship; The nature and extent of their common residence; Whether a sexual relationship exists; Each artist depicts an element of birth in a way that recognises and celebrates Victoria's Aboriginal heritage. mid-14c., pre-eminence, from Anglo-Frenchsovereynete, Old Frenchsouverainete, fromsoverain(seesovereign(adj.)). The Dolphins now feature in our NRL commemorative birth certificate range. Look for Suspected Fathers Not you personally, but the event. Gage Canadian Dictionary 1983 Sec. Identity documents must be kept in their original state to be accepted by Government agencies. We no longer use the BC name in Usufruct, instead we are the executors for the estate held in the RLB. If you're eligible to apply and the person has been registered in NSW, toapply for a birth certificateyou must provide: You can also apply for a birth certificate by: If there are errors on the certificate you must: Processing of a birth certificate begins when we have received your complete and correct application. secure identity management system in Australia is fundamental. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Would a birth certificate through the "Common Law Court" be sufficient, or would it be best to create my own from scratch? Recording your details here protects your rights and property under Common Law. We provide assembly meetings to empower people to regain their rights, and take responsibility for their lives. General Maddox | You must register the birth of your child before you can get a birth certificate. Birth certificate. (iv) No entry on the register should be expunged following an alteration to sex or name, but certificates issued by the Registry should contain only the information requested by the applicant. We are living souls who possess inalienable sovereign rights. On the 7th 1914, in order to avoid a run on the banks, the Treasury issued Treasury Notes signed by John Bradbury a form of national credit backed only by the credit of the nation. We send legal certificates by express post, for security. Each certificate is printed on archival quality paper and fits a standard frame size of 280mm x 355mm (11" x 14"). That which your parents give you,3. Find out how to apply for a first birth certificate or how to replace one. Is that you? 1) a person's natural offspring parent n. the lawful and natural father or mother of a person. Print out the first two pages on the front and back of a piece of A4 card (available from Office Works). With your permission id like to post this comment on the original authors Facebook post. If you are able to access this site please let me know. The original sense is obsolete; the meaning document issued by competent civil authority granting permission to the person named in it to travel in or out of a country or authenticating his right to protection while abroad is from 1540s. Register your intention to marry. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Birth certificates; Marriage certificate; Proof of dissolution of previous marriage or death certificate of former partner (if applicable) Four photos (4x6cm) of the couple. Unlike standard birth certificates, they're not a legal document and can't be used for official purposes. You are born live. So who then owns everything? It affirms both that the child was born and that it was a live birth. Get an overview of the steps for getting a birth certificate. Because, they now have permission to benefit massively from any action we undertake in the futureand they can then pay the bills. The 'registered person' means the person to whom the information or certificate relates. You can pay: We will accept cash at the customer service centre, but prefer contactless payments such as EFTPOS or credit card. All it takes is another commercial action being generated, then another, then another.. And I believe those commercial transactions must be generated through the massive corporations, so to my way of thinking, encouraging everyone to use a card to purchase, fits the picture of linking your commercial actions using the BC name, straight back through the bank account, to the share market securitization of the new purchase or payment. (paras 4.105-4.114) 14. You can provide a document showing you are a legally appointed guardian of the person on the birth certificate. You get a car licence in the BC name.You buy a car in the BC name.You go to university or college in the BC name.You get married in the BC name.You buy land and a house in the BC name.Etc, etc. Common Law Australias intention is for a movement that is arising to reassert the divine purpose and its operation to restore every Man and Woman back to their natural and lawful being. March 3, 2015 | Births, Deaths & Marriages. This form must be submitted to the state, county or municipality by one of these persons or facilities: The newborn's parents. It is like it is completely forgotten and you only have those 2 names. The prosecution is claiming they represent the beneficiary (the state) when the state is really suppose to be the . Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 It is the highest law of the land. If you cannot provide proof of identity from Categories 1 and 2, you must still provide at least 3 forms of identity. By visiting and entering this website or any of its entertainment libraries in any way you hereby agree that you entered into a domain subject to the terms of Common Law Australia, and that as a consumer of this entertainment, you agree to do your own research. When using a birth certificate as a form of ID in the USI registry system, please be aware that: state refers to the state or territory in which the birth was registered. (Well, clearly it is not). However, you should be aware that the certificate you receive may not be recognized by the political party corporate government, as we do not have a contract with that system. You do not have to use Check In Qld to check in at a venue or event. 2. Birth Certificate in the Legal Dictionary Find a [] Rate this post Related posts: Birth Parent If you are suffering financial hardship and have an immediate need for a certificate, you may be able to have your application fee waived. However, keep in mind that the built-in settings, browser and history or cookies on your smart device may create their own issues. Use your official birth certificate when applying to schools and for other services. You all know I believe this country is being administered under martial law for some reason. BC (Birth Certificate) to validate date and time. So whats the process and benefits of separating yourself from your legal fiction? MERchant, BANKing, MARitime or ADMIRALty Law is the jurisdiction of courts of law over cases concerning SHIPS of the SEA and other navigable WATERS. You are called by the name of Billy, Rob, Jimmy, John etc but that is only what you are called by your parents. ROGUE MALE says: January 16, 2022 at 09:25. The method, by which the State causes a natural person to volunteer himself into slavery, is through forming legaljoinder, implied or stated, with the entity or legal fiction (name all CAPS). As a living child, you live daily with the name you are called by. Generally this will lead to a mistaken and unproductive life. All Members are bound by the Common Law Australia Terms of Use when entering the site. Doing this simply confirms that you are a living, flesh and blood man or woman. Carry these docs with you and if ever confronted by Police or other persons thinking they have authority over you. [Editors note: I made some minor grammatical and typographical changes. How am I able to do this while living in another country? They are generally enforceable. If you can't complete the application form online, you canuse the PDF application form and apply by post or in person. Due to the UK, Canada and the US beingbankrupt countries, yes all these countries have been bankrupt for some time now; they all have currencies that are known asFIAT currency. They know YOU are not the BC name, but YOU have been telling everyone you were in commerce and benefiting from the use have you not? A . Many folk will have been mocked for believing that. In early use often indicating principally the right to leave ones country. Do you? A self-proclaimed judge, Miller is best known for creating a version of the English language to be used by people involved in judicial proceedings. Before you can get a birth certificate, the birth needs to be registered in Victoria. Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 - It is the highest law of the land. In other words, all our money is worthless! Commemorative birth certificate package (1 official birth certificate and standard postage included). Trespass Notice To All Persons And Entities Living, Corporate, Private Or Otherwise. By visiting and entering this website or any of its entertainment libraries in any way you hereby agree that you entered into a domain subject to the terms of Common Law Australia, and that as a consumer of this entertainment, you agree to do your own research. You can do this via the common law court website, this is very much a 3D process and par for the course, however what I have discovered is that when you energetically embody the vibration of Sovereign SELF that is where you enter the realm of 5D! Australia is unusual among common law countries in not having a Constitutional Charter or Bill of Rights. This legal notice lists the ACTS that are violated when someone requests your medical vaccine status and the QR code points to the Covid Medical Network. Since Dominello is [] Processing times are the same and start when you have had your ID verified. A birth certificate can refer to either an original document or a certified copy issued by an Australian State or Territory. You are called by the name of Billy, Rob, Jimmy, John etc - but that is only what you are called by your parents. Yes.And you are trying to get them to believe you are not the BC name?Come on!! Give it to them. It's printed in soft, harmonious shades and highlighted with gold. At the time of birth, each person is issued their own strawman, legally speaking. Click on the image to join the Live in Private (LIP) Telegram group, This website is operated under and in accordance with the Crimes Act 1914, s.13 and 15F., Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Commonwealth Custodian Workshops/Zoom Timetable, Road Map to Reclaiming and Restoring The Commonwealth of Australia,,, What the Corporate Government dont want you to know, Doorway to the Divine Self Hooponopono Prayer. bond / birth certificate. The Victorian Flora commemorative birth certificate has been superbly painted by award-winning artist Lynne Tracey in the style of an illuminated address of the 19th Century. This is human trafficking conducted by people within the government structure. He has done a few interviews as well. This is Important: It takes 12 people to come together (to assemble) who all swear an Oath before their fellow Man and God (no matter whether you believe in God or not), to create a Common Law assembly. Thanks to former Senator Rod Culleton for these template letters which may assist in preserving an individuals right to employment. Reply. change of name at common law. I am choosing to do this as an aware and empowered living person. You believe you own your land and property because it is in your name. You did John, but you were pretending to be John when you got caught, so seeing as how John was not in charge and you were, you can pay the bill. Assemblies will create and run their own common law Sheriff and Court departments using the tools supplied by this website. This is why, taking control of your strawman . In the schooling & medical system you are referred to by the BC name. Please click on the link at the top of the article and join the Facebook group hosted by the original author of this info. Every Birth Certificate within 72 hours of a live-birth is being converted into a Bond with a calculated starting amount of money and then traded onto the world Stock Exchange Markets, without the knowledge nor consent of the person named on the Birth Certificate Bond. Under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, IV 'If the supposed dead Man proves to be alive, then the Title is revested.' Currently, the only existing record for you is a legal fiction which the state has attached to you; this means that you fall under their rules. the deed to the juristic-name artificial person whose all-caps name "mirrors" your true name. Give it to them. By recording your birth with the Common Law Court, you now have an option, you can remain under the statutory system and rules or stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court. Read the email we send you to find out how to finalise your application. Why? This website provides information, explains procedures, and makes available documents for anyone wishing to learn about and use Common Law. After its collected from our office, we do not have control over or responsibility for any damage done to a certificate in the post. Find a JP. Answer the questionsit should take you less than 10 minutes. No information shared or discussed should be considered as legal or health advice. This Should-Be-A-Ted-Talk presentation is on the secrets of the British Constitution a must watch video for anybody with even half an interest in democracy, freedom and UK/US/Aust law. From the 1920s, adoption practice in Australia reflected the concept of secrecy and the ideal of having a "clean break" from the birth parents. We will begin to process your application when we receive your documents. Different rates of interest, but of great value on the futures market.
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